Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2 more Games

Idaho vs Bowling Green
I'll just say this. I know jack about either team. The game is in Boise Stadium and it will be snowing. I think the edge goes to Idaho (+1). As for the 68 pt o/u I think the weather will be too much of a factor for them to put up that many points. Go with the under.

Idaho 31-24

(impossible to find attractive Idaho people, so here is the next best thing)

Arizona vs Nebraska

This should be a hella good game. With a Nebraska who almost single handedly changed the BCS to a playoff system and an Arizona team who has beaten 5 bowl bound teams including the likes of USC and Oregon State. I love Suh out of Nebraska and more importantly depending how this years NFL draft pans out he could be on my beloved KC Chiefs. So with that said I would take the over (41) and Arizona (+3)

(much easier to find hot Arizona girls)

Nebraska 28-27

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