Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Beeb Canadian Style

Here is a shout out to all my Canadian friends...

This beeb has appeared in the World Wrestling Entertainment Diva Search 2005, Deal or No Deal, Sleeper Cell, Las Vegas...

...Rules of Engagement, Attack of the Show!, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Entourage, Stacked, Desire, Wanted, Tonight Show with Jay Leno...and the list goes on.

Oh, Canada!

2 more Games

Idaho vs Bowling Green
I'll just say this. I know jack about either team. The game is in Boise Stadium and it will be snowing. I think the edge goes to Idaho (+1). As for the 68 pt o/u I think the weather will be too much of a factor for them to put up that many points. Go with the under.

Idaho 31-24

(impossible to find attractive Idaho people, so here is the next best thing)

Arizona vs Nebraska

This should be a hella good game. With a Nebraska who almost single handedly changed the BCS to a playoff system and an Arizona team who has beaten 5 bowl bound teams including the likes of USC and Oregon State. I love Suh out of Nebraska and more importantly depending how this years NFL draft pans out he could be on my beloved KC Chiefs. So with that said I would take the over (41) and Arizona (+3)

(much easier to find hot Arizona girls)

Nebraska 28-27

wake up video

forget about being hung like a horse...

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

1 thing we learned

dont ever trust my bowl predictions on a Tuesday night. I'll be better come tomorrow or the next day?

Garbage Disposal Shout Out

Do you like Cats?

(Worth the entire 4:23)

Bowl Previews

So today we have two bowl games. One that I am very excited about and one that well doesn't seem too interesting.

UCLA vs Temple
This is the first ever meeting between the two teams. UCLA is 3 games below .500 in their conference and stands at a 6-6 record with their best victory over 22 ranked Arizona. This Temple team is 9-3 and going bowling for the first time since 1979. I do not know much about either team, but watch out for Kai Forbath the Lou Groza Award winner. My advice would be take the under (45) and for the game to be put on the leg of Forbath take Temple (+4.5)

Prediction- Temple 20-17

Miami vs Wisconsin
This is going to be a 4 quarter highlight reel for Jacory Harris. The sophomore quarterback is 15th in the nation in passing yards and the Wisconsin passing D ranks 66th. At the start of the season every ESPN commentator was sucking his nuts and naming him the best player in college football, but then he came back to earth and actually has thrown for the most interceptions in NCAA this season. I still like the kid and see his skinny ass carry Miami to a win. My advice would be take the over (57) and just like FSU did last year expect Miami to cover (-4) by a large margin

Prediction 37-21

Wake Up Vid

good night vid.

yep here is to all the Kenny G fans, since I know there are a bunch out there

all Kenny's songs sound the exACt same, so i aplogize if you may have heard this one before.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Movie Review

He's Just Not that into You

Young women forever stuck at square one in the dating game...that should really be the name of the movie. This movie is midly entertaining with some insane characters who act foolishly and way over the top to get a guy. The movie is quite predictable, but overall I would recommend it to anyone. Great date movie. Thats about all I got. 2.6 stars out of 4.

oh and Scarlett Johansson is smoking hot in this movie.

Afternoon Video

Guess who got a computer?