Friday, November 27, 2009

Ok...its time we had a talk

This little blog of ours has take a hiatus for too long. I know you all still check this site, like you are right now just to see if anything has been updated. I'm here to tell you it is and will be. that we've had the talk and we're all on the same page (which means all of you bro's that haven't been posting get back on the bangbus)...let me post some food for thought.


I know, especially in our very liberal society we're all not longer taught abstinence but now safe sex and condoms are a necessity if you going to have sex, but are they really worth it? I say yes. and heres why:

1. she says shes on the pill. keyword...SAYS. I don't trust women. or my sperm. both are very sneaky.

2. We last longer. Sure, in porn the men go for 45:02 minutes and all rival horses in size, but its not a performance enhancing drug, just performance enhancing a helmet or a baseball glove.

3. You can change the color of your little guy...theres nothing funnier than seeing you're prized possession black/green/blue/purple (BUT NOT RED).

4. I lost my train of thought. happy thanksgiving.

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