Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Game

Where is the Chase? and how do I cut to it?

UNC- 31
FSU- 30

Yep that is right folks I picked UNC to beat FSU today. So dont question where I stand and who I root for more. I choose them because I want them to win. Do I think they will win? I'm not quite sure. FSU is quicker than UNC. FSU has more big time play makers, but if UNC can pick apart FSU's secondary with Highsmith than UNC will dominate. As long as the D (which has played up to its potential this year) can hold off Ponder, Easterling, Fortson and the 3 position player Reid than UNC will win, with that said it boils down to can the CBs and DBs shut them down than that is the game. Good Talk and here are some hot pics of UNC and FSU fans

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