Sunday, August 2, 2009

MTV Really Sucks

I mean it was apparent before, but I still get drawn in by the Challenges and the occasional Real World where "some bitch gets crunk." Plus 16 and Pregnant is hilarious. I can think of no better form of birth control. Well, apparently "Music" Television is a misnomer considering you will see music only from 3-9 in the morning. Now they're showing Scrubs, Degrassi, and movies on Fridays.

This brings me to my point. What the hell is Degrassi? Apparently it's some shitty show from Toronto. Did we really have to import this crap? Give me some reruns of Singled Out or the Tom Green Show. I think an MTV classic channel would really have some traction. Ben Stiller show, anyone, but I digest. Back to Degrassi. Did you know the number two single right now is by a guy named Drake? I hate that song and when I found out it was sung by a Degrassi actor I wanted to shoot said character in the back again. What, I mean, I have seen a few eps. Anyway, America, enjoy your new star:

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