Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Let me set the scene

Place: Walnut Street

People: Snorkel, View From Below, Trashely and Mary Kate

Time: 9:30-2:30

These events proceeded...

Snorkel put in "Old School" as noise in the background and since Walnut does not have cable he must have thought it was a good idea...

it was.

Post "Old School" the View From Below recommended that we watch "Out Cold" a movie that only Snorkel and himself had viewed in its entirety. The V from B must have thought it was a good idea...

it was.

Post "Out Cold" the V from B asked if anyone wanted to watch anything and gave us some options, yada yada, "Live Free or Die Hard" ends up in. Again only Snorkel and the V from B had seen the movie. The V from B must have thought it was a good idea...

it was. with one MAJOR exception, Trashely , but we will get back to that. (Just keep that in mind)

I am not sure how many of you readers have seen this epic flick, but as Mary Kate put in a reasonable manner said, "Yeah I liked it, it did it's job; entertain me."

As VfB and Snorkel completely agreed with Mary Kate, the dissenter Trashely, in only a Trashely drunken rant can; he not only confused himself, went in about 8 circles and but finshed by arguing with himself. here are some quotes and rebutals from the "arguement"

Trash- "that movie sucked. it was so unbelievable"
VfB- "Do you like Shrek?"
Trash- "I love Shrek!"
VfB- "Oh yeah me too because a talking Ogar being best friends with a Donkey is so believable?!?!"
Trash- "that movie was so unrealistic. What kind of movie has a person holding onto an F-15 in the middle of a highway? That was terrible."
MK- "Wait, do you like Aladdin?"
Trash- "Love it."
Trashely- "because a person holding on to a carpet in the middle of a lava storm, is unrealistic."
Trashely- "27 dresses was so much better than that movie."

Complete Silence ensued....

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