Thursday, August 20, 2009

Does This Guy?

look like someone who would rape a 22 year old girl on a private island, which only is accessible by private boat...


and for those of you should aren't quite sure who the picture is of, that would be magician David Cooperfield.

The magician raped the 22-year-old victim, sexually assaulted her on two other occasions and threatened to kill her, court papers filed in Washington state claim.

"The woman says her nightmare unfolded two summers ago, when the 52-year-old performer invited her to his $50 million private retreat on Musha Cay after meeting her at a show in Washington state...After the two dined, they went to the magician's room to watch a movie..."

Diner- check
Movie- check
Raping a girl 31 years younger than me???? Eessh

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