Friday, August 7, 2009

Bob's Porch Private Eye

Finding out information about people has become so easy due to Spacebook, MyFace, and Twatter. And thanks to sites such as Wikipedia, you can find the necessary information you need to distinguish from a famous person to someone with the same name.

I always wondered what Bill Simmons was getting paid for his "work" (read: only podcasts and the occasional mailbag) at ESPN. Turns out, he's not doing too bad for himself, what with his books and famous friends. I decided to investigate a little further and wanted to find out where he lived and how nice his house is.

Step 1: Go to white pages online and type in William Simmons, Los Angeles.
One of the names on the list is a MR. William Simmons III whose household includes a wife Kari Simmons (Quick stop to Wikipedia reveals his wife's name)

Step 2: copy address to google maps...and voila...not too shabby those digs.

Step 3: How much is the market value of the house? Journey over to Zillow reveals that the home is worth $3.1 million. Built in 1925 and has 4,217 sq. ft.

He always mentions that his house is really old and that he converted the pool house to his office, so this appears to be pretty accurate. And now you can mock me on my lack of life.

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