Friday, July 24, 2009

Think he can afford it?

Beckham fined by MLS for conduct toward fan

From ESPN:
David Beckham was fined $1,000 by Major League Soccer, which said his gestures toward taunting fans suggested that they leave their seats and come on the field. The fine by MLS commissioner Don Garber on Friday came five days after the English star confronted Los Angeles Galaxy fans in a group called the L.A. Riot Squad. The Galaxy and AC Milan played to a 2-2 tie in an exhibition game. Beckham played with AC Milan this year and was booed through much of the game...

That is right....did you catch that?

1,000 dollars. What a Joke.

How much is this man worth? Well according to wikianswers...between 250-255 million dollars.

Nuff Said.

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