Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Things to do while at Lowes

1. Visit the Rug section

There are a variety of fashionable rugs that people can choose from. There are floral patterns and neat ones with football team logos, like this one.

2. Make your own...

a. Beer Pong Table
i. the table is on the end cap of aisle 3
b. Beer Bong
i. the piping is on aisle 17
ii. the funnel is on aisle 34
iii. the glue is on aisle 12
c. Corn Hole
i. the wood is on aisle 24 (last aisle in the store)
ii. the bolts and screws are on aisle 15
iii. paint! is on aisle 10!
d. Lawn Golf
i. piping is on aisle 17
ii. pipe connectors aisle 17
iii. rope aisle 16
iv. golf balls...your golf bag

3. Visit Paint

You will see the one and only Snorkelfish

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