Thursday, July 9, 2009

Southern Rail

I am making a push to make this the new, bubs/bobs? Thoughts/Concerns can be addressed on the comment section of this post. I went there on Monday (1 dollar off all drinks) and thought about going again on Tuesday (1 dollar PBRs). The crowd a lot different, the setting (considering they have couches in the bar) is different, more mellow, I liked it. The music- think Death Cab, John Mayer with a dash of the Postal Service. Pretty Solid. The people-Carrboro-rid-idans, hahaha, no not like that at all, surprising un-hippie. Lastly it is a solid place to have a drink or two thats really all I got. The kitchen was closed when I tried to get food, but I assume its good (I hear it over-priced...View and PFi) Again, thoughts?

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