Friday, July 17, 2009

Gross, Rick Reilly

In the span of only a few paragraphs you were able to:

1. Piss me off that you are in one of the coolest European cities
2. Make me want to get drunk off of sangria
3. Flaunt your wealth
4. Create a wonderful mental image.

Sportswriter of the ass

There are three remarkable things about Barcelona -- the art, the food and the overwhelming sense you get about every two blocks that a cesspool has just exploded.

I couldn't figure out how -- in a city as lovely as this -- that could be possible. But then one night, the wife and I were sitting on the balcony of the third-floor apartment we'd rented, just drinking sangria and catching up on our thumb twiddling, when we saw why. In the space of one hour, four different women came by, checked to see if anybody was looking, dropped their pants, squatted and peed between the parked cars below us.

Far worse, two of them had recently eaten asparagus.

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