Thursday, July 2, 2009

Big TOPO News

Breaking news from The Top of the Hill Restaurant. Plans for a massive renovation are in place to make this staple of Chapel Hill culture even more popular. According to a large article in the Chapel Hill Herald today, Scott Maitland has plans to expand the restaurant to the top floor of the building next door, above the new Walgreen's. The space will be used for large banquets and even Greek functions and will open a new, more low-key bar with DARTS and pool, called the "Moonlight" Lounge after "Moonlight" Graham, the UNC Baseball player.

ALSO, TOPO plans to take over the Chapel Hill News office and turn it into a distillery, adding NC's first vodka distillery to a lineup of vodka, gin, and bourbon production. Free tours, local ingredients, and nice buzzes should be available in November.

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