Thursday, July 9, 2009

1st ever!

Bob's Porch Movie Review

So I hit up the local Redbox tonight, which I decided is tied first for the best invention ever with the Stripper Pole and Hot Pockets (which I never eat, but are seriously delicious). The movie of choice for the evening's festivities was The International. But since this is the first ever movie review I feel as I need to let you in on something...I have very strong opinions when it comes to movies. I'll give you a "love it" or "like it" or "hate it" on three random movies, so you can get the feel for my movie tastes. Tropic Thunder "Love it." (Robert and Tom made the movie) Space Cowboys "Hate it" (too many holes) and "My Best Friend's Girl" "Like it" (not all the Burgh makes it out to be, but serioulsy just Pop that PussY)

The International

Good that one of us has seen it, so that the rest of us know not the waste the money. Normally I would go more in depth about the plot, actors, setting, etc, but honestly not worth it. I would not recommend renting this movie. I give it a weak 2.6 stars out of 10.

Clive Owen was way better in Inside Man (who knew they were making a sequel) and the Bourne Identity

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