Monday, June 1, 2009

Slow Sports Day

Apparently the UK either stupidly cares even more about Britain's Got Talent than we do about American Idol or their leader is even more of a popularity monger than ours. After Saturday night's world-ending shocker that Susan Boyle lost a singing (oh wait, its actually not that) competition to the British JabbaWockeeZ (as an aside: really? that's how you spell that? I thought they were a dance group, not a P!nk album), England's PM, Gordie "the Porno King" Brown had the following to say:
'I hope Susan Boyle is OK because she is a really, really nice person and I think she will do well.

'I spoke to Simon Cowell last night and to Piers Morgan and wanted to be sure that she was OK.'

I don't know whats more disturbing- that that happened or that Obama and Lambert are probably butt buddies by now.

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