Monday, June 29, 2009

Greatest Story/Quote Ever.

So as I found myself alone in the home of M and F...I thought wheres the trash, Mary Kate and his main squeeze? But to my luck none of them were there! So as I waited anxiously for the fantastic foursome to arrive I found myself in a house full of three lovely ladies...

So we all started chatting MB, little k and the angel herself little L. On the deck, with a cool breeze blowing from the Southwest with no clouds in the sky, the weather was the perfect, though the initial thought of just Snorkel and these ladies was odd MB broke the silence by asking "How was your day Snorkel?" I responded in the usual manner, "Hanging in there, etc, etc, and you?" She responded with a lengthy five minute story about an autistic kid who enjoyed telling her how many time he could hit the volleyball, "...OMG he was like 46, 47, 48, 49, 50 oh oh then he said 50 + 50 is 100!!! Isn't that funny Snorkel?" And as enthralled as I was in the story I could not help, but think of the even funnier plot of the new HBO show Hung.

As I started to fill MB in on this ingenious plot line. I told her, "In a nutshell it is a show about a middle-aged man, who's life is in a rut, and hates his job so he becomes a gigolo...comedy ensues." she pondered the question about how I heard of the show, so I told her "The Burgh, of Course." She responded, "That show should be about him!"

Burgh...MB? Really?

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