Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Finals

D-White-Howard-the-Notoriously-Smart-College vs the Jedi Master himself K-Obe-Wan-Konobi

Round 1. Intelligence

Since everybody knows that a Jedi Master can use mind tricks on the inferior book savvy students, the round must go to K-obe-won-konobi. But that is not to say that D-White-Howard...College did not give up a good fight. For instance, Wikipedia even lists the name of fictitious alumni. James Van Der Beek is one, enough said. (The guy who played the character of Mox Moxon in Varsity Blues.) Nice try D-white, but K-obe takes this round.

Round 2. Swagger. (the name + swagger and the results of the first google image)

Brown College Swagger-

Obi Wan Kenobi Swagger

The obvious winner here is D-White for no reason except at no point in this picture, is there any coherent response and Miami is not even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Point-Brown.

Tie Breaker. Best Youtube Video.

By scanning the first page of the the Youtube search for "Brown University Swagger" I got this... (watch it with no sound...seriously mute your computer...I am talking to you Pauly Walnuts/everyone else...MUTE)

One thing you need to know about my computer is that it does not have sound (the speakers are broken), that being said; I pronounce the Winner of this battle D-White-Howard-the-notoriously-smart-college because that is one of the greatest videos with no sound I have ever seen. It could be about the evolution of man, how the Egyptians created the pyramids, the rise and fall of the Ottoman Empire in the 16th century, the reason we are in a recession or even the thought process that Garbage Disposal's brain has to endure every time he weighs the pros and cons of taking a shit.

Orlando 92 Laker 88

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