Wednesday, June 10, 2009

CNNSI Mock Draft

13 SG Gerald Henderson Duke Jr. 6-5 215

With Mike Dunleavy's future in doubt, Indiana could invest in Henderson to provide athletic production on the wing during Dunleavy's extended rehab from knee surgery. He's the kind of solid citizen the Pacers have coveted in recent years.

Ha jokes on you Reggie Miller. I mean Dunleavy ...duke...McRoberts...duke and now to complete the tri-fecta of private school brilliance the Reggie Miller's are bringing in Henderson another dukie...ha maybe instead of actually playing basketball they can use the quadratic formula of the hypotenuse of the sum of the third irrational number and try to win that way. So this post is for you, Reggie Miller, who's legacy will be tarnished if you allow three dukies to run your team into the ground.

But since we all know that you will not be coming back, Drink Up.

Assist to Don Chavez

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