Sunday, June 28, 2009

braSil eh?

What are you some kind of P.C pundit Garbage? who comes on the blog once a month to promote anti-American sentiment? Thats ridiculous. We are from America, thus; it is BraZil, with a Z. Either start being patriotic like my main man Chuck Norris or crawl back into your CPamiICehAMSoe study hole.

As the previews have stated...

In Co-ed Magazine instead of measuring up the talent of soccer players, it was porn stars and models. Winner: BraZil in a tight one.

In inside futbol (whatever that is)...
"The American shocked the world by sinking the Spanish fleet, while BraZil needed a last minute goal to ditch the Egyptians, blah blah blah, and a scoreline of 3-1 for the five time world cup champs"

"Brazil will need to make sure they do not take the United States lightly...Brazil has more talent...Brazil just has too much and will not overlook this match after seeing Spain lose. Prediction - Brazil wins 2-1"

USA is very easy to spell. Unlike BraSil or BraZil. who knowS????

USA has 13,700 McDonalds

USA has 303,824,640 people

USA has 11,168 starbucks...suck on that

oh and I got the US winning 3-2? nope. 2-1
thanks to Donovan and Davies for the goals

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