Friday, June 19, 2009

Blog About It

Turns out Deadspin used one of my ideas again. After patting myself on the back I decided to tell you about it. The story begins like this: I was sitting in my bed at 4 in the morning and read Tucker Max's blog, (The longest website ever? I guess none of you have ever been to before). Alas, where is my point? Oh right, well there was a pretty funny paragraph and I sent this email to A.J. Daulerio:

While looking through the bowels of the Internet, I stumbled across this paragraph on, the narcissistic blog of Tucker Max.

"2. Her friend was even funnier than her. She was a model too, but not just any model. Nope, she was the type of model who goes out to bars in the east village in tight pink hot pants. I am not exaggerating one ounce. You could almost see her cervix through the camel toe they were so tight. She ended up going home with my buddy who is an ESPN writer (not Bill Simmons). I won't name him, he can tell the story himself in his column if he wants, but it was awesome because the week before he had a threesome set up with a porn star and some other girl, had them both IN HIS HOTEL ROOM, and blew it--didn't fuck either one! His confidence was shattered, so of course I called him Leon Lett all week."

Of course the juicy part of his post was the bedroom habits of a certain Bristol employee. Blind items usually piss me off, but I'm pretty certain the person is either Jemele Hill or Gregg Easterbook.




  1. Hey "Garbage Disposal"-
    You should not take credit for this. I told/e-mailed AJ about this just about twelve hours before you did (my e-mail response from AJ is further proof). My advice to you- Don't claim credit for something you shouldn't claim credit for. Sincerely, Anonymous

  2. thank you. your input is duly noted. douche

  3. are we showing dicks? yours is probably larger. i cant wait for that email...on your blog anonymous