Friday, May 1, 2009

Instead of Studying.

I played NHL 2K6 and recreated tonights game.

I set up a franchise and traded for all the canes players I could, brought some up from the minors and activated all the players so I nearly matched this years roster. I played the Bruins whom I could not match to this years roster, but anyway back to the story. So this is how tonight its going to go down...

Period 1.
Matt Cullen goal (12:07) Canes 1-0
Random Bruin goal (18:43) Tied 1-1

Period 2.
Matt Cullen goal (1:32) Canes 2-1
Matt Cullen goal (7:41) Canes 3-1 HAT TRICK MATT CULLEN! Holla.

Period 3.
Random Bruin (0:41) Canes 3-2
Random Bruin (4:59) Tied
Eric Stall (19:49) Canes 4-3 WIN WITH 11 SECONDS LEFT!?! DEVAJU?


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