Sunday, May 3, 2009

Delayed Live Blog of Fight

11:40 Get to house, turn on TV

11:41 Order Fight

11:41 Time Warner asks if I'm sure I want to buy fight

11:41 Time Warner asks me to press A if I want to buy or B if I want to cancel

11:42 Time Warner asks if I'm sure I want to buy fight.

11:42 Time Warner asks me to press A again to confirm purchase.

11:43 Fight finally turns on. :22 left in 2nd round

11:43 Pacquiao knocks Hatton the fuck out. The 2 of us who had already gotten to the house scream for 2 minutes about how awesome that was.

11:45 Larry Merchant (born 1931... really) is in ring to interview PacMan.

11:47 Larry Merchant puts together first sentence

11:50 PacMan finishes first sentence in response

11:55 Larry Merchant finishes 2nd question.

11:58 PacMan says he doesn't know if he will fight Mayweather (lies).

12:00 Post-fight coverage ends.

12:00 Wait for replay of fight since $50 was supposed to pay for coverage until 2AM.

12:01 Preview for WWE PPV comes on.

12:02 Preview for UFC PPV comes on.

12:03 Same WWE preview

12:04 Same UFC PPV

12:05 Take my shoe out of the middle of the TV screen.

12:06 To the bar!

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