Thursday, April 23, 2009

Twitter Is Stupid

If this is the path society is on, then I'm getting off. However, there are some hilarious celebrities who have now joined and the unintentional comedy is off the charts Peter King notwithstanding.

Here are my five favorite Rashad McCants "tweets." Treat every one as sic.

5. hop up out my bed turn my swag on! look in the mirror say whats up.

4. how classic is The Last Dragon? funny ass shit thats how classic. lmao. Vainty Fair wow wow Thats the kinna woman I want wow!!

3. "The mind confides with words to distrubing thoughts like giving my vision to lines on a page. The rage refutes my passion as i am stuck in

2. Just got done eating wonderful sushi in La. 4/20 a true holiday! If your not celebrating shame shame! :) holla back

1. Think Ill be in La tomorrow Doing some Hard core wardrobe shoppping and popping tags. Why save money when you can spend money!! love it

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