Thursday, April 30, 2009


Some numb nut SI writer named Andy Staples unveiled his post spring, pre-season top 25. This guy clearly does not watch alot of ACC football. Here's are how the ACC fares (along with some others)

5. Va Tech (read: Clemson 2008)
14. Ga Tech
17. ECU (I know not ACC, but still stupid)
22. Fla St.
25. Notre Dame (again, not ACC, but WTF?)
Honorable mentions: Miami, Boston College, NC State (has got to be a joke).

According to this, UNC is at best the 7th best team in the ACC, and behind a team they beat last year (Notre Dame), and ECU who i wont even comment on after how they ended their season last year.

I know UNC had a great year last year, but there is a ton of talent coming back, and to pick us to finish 7th in the ACC is ridiculous. By the way, these rankings if they held true, would have us finish at best 5-7.

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