Saturday, April 25, 2009

Matt Stafford... richer than you and the rest of the players in the NFL. There's probably a good reason the Lions went 0-16 considering they just gave $41.7 million in guaranteed money to a guy who might end up like Jeff George. Of course this gave ESPN a chance to rush a mediocre article to the front page full of gems such as:

He was 27-7 as a starter for the Bulldogs, throwing for nearly 51 touchdowns and nearly 8,000 yards with a powerful arm.>

Word repetition aside, how do you explain the phrase "throwing for nearly 51 touchdowns?" Isn't there an exact number? It's not like he threw to a midget (2 in one day!) and it counted as 2/3 of a touchdown. Kudos, ESPN, I bet most of your writers couldn't score better than an 80 on the spelling and grammar test.

I bet Stafford brings lots of intangibles to one of those Real World/Road Rules Challenges after his stint on the Real World:Sydney.

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