Sunday, April 19, 2009

Canes Preview

Gleason. Thank you. Considering you have one point since March 6th your overtime goal was a godsend. Ward. How do you play like a Bill Buckner one game and play like the offspring of Roy and Brodeur and save 97% of your shots. Stall. Good Job. You got out hustled out play and got your shit rocked the first game, but like Ward you decided to play last game. Rest of Team. Get your shit together and show up tonight. So far I have predicted the first two games correctly and the canes are not going to win 63-0 or anything ridic, but will win. 4-2. Goals by Stall, Rutuu, Whitney and oh and then Stall again. T-minus 5 minutes. Go Canes.

Oh and to Ward and Leighton thanks for the throw back.

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