Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Worst 5 InsideCarolina Posts of the Day:

Posted: Yesterday 10:22 AM

Things aren't always as they seem,

After reading Roy's quotes and reflecting back on the last 3 yrs. of Carolina basketball it got me thinking about how resiliant and tough this team really is and has been. This team really has been through a lot of adversity. Think about the last 3 years, Allen Ray is killed in a tragic accident during a big run in the tournament. Then Eve Carson was tragically killed, and both of these students were extremely well liked by their peers including some of the athletes. A couple of players have also had family issues and then came all of the injuries last year and this year too!

My point is with all of the whinning that goes on, on this board think about the Miami game. Wayne played with a sprained (shooting) elbow, Ty was losing his lunch Fri, Sat, and Sunday, and at some point in the game Tyler ends up with a concussion. Think about all the things Roy was trying to juggle in this game.
In other news, Bobby Frasor is having a hard time struggling with a tragic hangnail on his left pinkie toe.


Posted: Today 12:52 PM

Heels Anagrams

Just for fun...

Tyler Hansbrough: Blast hungry hero

Wayne Ellington: Win elegant only

Tywon Lawson: Nasty, low, won

Deon Thompson: Not posh demon

Danny Green: Need granny (help?)

Marcus Ginyard: My NCAA drug, sir


Putting my Hasty's $100/year to good use, there GoHeelsGo. On another note, I'm pretty positive GoHeelsGo makes up half the stats he posts. I mean, does he really have an excel sheet that can find the scoring average of Carolina players from Greensboro with 6 letters in their last name against UVA on Saturdays over the past 25 years?


Posted: 2/16/2009 5:17 PM

Recruiting more important than coaching

As sad as it is to see the unity of our coaching staff breaking up with the departure of Lovett, Hagen and Thigpen--this only enables Coach Davis to bring in better assistants that can relate and recruit better football players who want to come to Carolina. I don't care whether they can coach or not, the key is being able to relate, befriend, and recruit better and more talented 18 year old football players.
Here's why coaching still kinda matters, hotshot:

And here's another example of talent not being everything that might hit a little closer to home:

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Posted: Yesterday 8:53 AM

Re: If Zeller plays....

This has the potential to be an absolute disaster.

Quite honestly, this late in the season, I'm having trouble finding more good than bad that can come of it.
Let me help: he's 7 feet tall, he can shoot the 3, he is actually an athletic big man, he has 5 more fouls to give, he has 40 potential minutes to give, he will be a big time player for this program, he looks like Dean Smith, we don't have any chemistry to disrupt anyways, we still haven't played our most important games, he can dunk like Vince, and hes 7 feet tall.

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Posted: 2/15/2009 9:52 PM

Is Thigpen the BEST LB to play at UNC?

Just curious of opinions?
I think this guy has an opinion:

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