Monday, February 16, 2009

UNC vs. Miami: Studs and Duds

Let's group by UNC backcourt player quality.

Ty Lawson Category:
Ty Lawson: Can he seriously just go up to Roy and just say: "look, I know Tyler is the "man" around here, but we can't win if I don't get the ball to the hoop every single possession. I mean, I realize that if we play through Tyler we have really good ball movement back out of the post and ACC refs still call everything on our opponents when Tyler is in the post, but can you let me take over just a few games? I would like to win a NC this year."

Wayne: 15 and 10. Always a good sign when our guards are regularly out-boarding our big men. And that SHOOTING SLEEVE

Easy Ed: 11 boards in 21 minutes. What's even more impressive is that he plays this well while he's literally sleepwalking around the court. Someone should just wake him up and see what he can do while conscious.

Booby Frasor Category:
Bob the Builder: 1-5, 2 points in 19 minutes. What the fuck. Makes me want to play Duke every game. I wonder if his complete inability to make shots applies to all aspects of his life. Do you think he has to buy 5 shots at a bar in order to actually get one to go into his mouth and the other 4 end up all over the place? But at bars in Durham he can just get hammered? I think this would be a worthy experiment.

Danny "Bobby" Green's Shooting: 3-13. Like the defensive work though.

The State of Florida: First FSU, then Miami. Fuck those spics, Jews, and old people.

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