Thursday, February 5, 2009

Part of Me Died Today

For those of you who have attended the infield celebrations at the infamous Preakness in beautiful Baltimore, MD know that it is a tradition of absurd levels of drinking, rampant fights, and plenty of exposed breasts. Unfortunately, the Baltimore Sun reported today that club officials, or as I like to call them: fuck heads, have banned bringing beverages of any kind into the event. Instead, they will sell beers for a ludicrous $3.50 a piece ... don't they know that a can of Natty Light is like 30 cents? Anyways, this is truly the end of an era and we will miss many meat head traditions like beer grenades, frommeling, beer squirt guns, beer pools, and of course the annual running of the porta-johns. RIP Preakness, you will live in infamy.

I assure you these videos are very much worth your time.

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