Sunday, February 8, 2009

Overheard at Smith Center

So I had the opportunity to sit next to "Trent", a photographer with the local Asheboro paper, on the baseline for the Virginia game on Saturday. He felt the need to strike up a conversation asking me if I knew any details regarding the Will Graves situation. For your reference, I had the opportunity of sitting next to "Trent" during the Clemson game so we knew each other to a certain extent. He does not cover every game, as I do, and he initially wanted to get to know me better seeing as how I run shit. So he tried to tell me that he knows a bunch of people who work at Top-O and told me to mention his name the next time I went there. Yeah. Whatever. Anyway, for the Virginia game, "Trent" was trying to tell me that he heard Will Graves was caught sleeping with Assistant Coach Steve Robinson's wife. The chances of this being true are about as good as Dwight Schrute rebuilding the coozie shelf at North Street. With that being said, I need some closure regarding the Graves suspension. Can we get a fucking statement telling us what is really going on? Maybe InsideCarolina will figure it out.

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