Wednesday, February 4, 2009

More Ra Love

As long as we're on the awesomeness of 'Sheed, make sure you check out the 100 reasons to love Ra.

Some highlights:
4. Tried to psych up his teammates by yelling, "Let's go out and play like we're Chicago on NBA Jam."

6. Reporter had to go to the student union arcade to try to find him to do an interview because that's where he always was, playing NBA Jam or Mortal Kombat II.

26. Under his personal directory in the 1994 Granville Towers phone book he wrote, "Peace to my peoples in Philly."

40. Missed the flight to Maui in '95 because he overslept, then missed the next flight too.

82. Ran down the court rubbing Serge's head after Serge miraculously dunked in a game.

98. At Duke game in Chapel Hill during his first NBA season, as freshman Vince Carter, struggling to get playing time, was just trying to concentrate on the game as he walked to the scorer's table, Rasheed yelled to him, "VINCE! VINCE! I know you hear me! You better look over here or I'm gonna slap you upside the head!"

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