Thursday, February 5, 2009

Latest Adult Film Idea

Yes. I was watching "P.S. I love you." Yes. I liked it. But in my defense, Gerald Butler is the fucking man (above in "300") and I was trying to decide for myself if Hillary Swank is, indeed, Hot. Either way, I stumbled across our latest Adult Film Idea:

"P.S. I Boned You"

One Widow finds that her late husband has left her a series of letters and "adventures" planned to have her enact his wildest fantasies. She travels to Ireland and makes sweet passionate lez love to all his former lovers and band members only to find that she will only love him. So (for all you freaks out there) she makes a cast dildo of his body's penis and only uses this remnant to pleasure herself.

Weird? possibly. Potential box office explosion? yes. Girls, get your tissues ready. Doulds, get your tissues ready.

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