Saturday, February 7, 2009

Christian Bale might be Insane

Of course The Burgh loves Christian Bale. I mean, The Dark Knight is like Backdoor Sluts 9 to him. And I'm pretty sure everyone heard the audio tape of him cursing on the the set of his latest movie. (As an aside. The Terminator? Really? He pretends to be a great actor and he chooses this role? McG better do work.) I guess he must be really sorry, eh? Spur the PR team!

The actor insisted he does not have an oversized ego.

"Please, if anybody ever sees that I really am thinking that I'm better than anybody else, stick a fork in my backside, turn me over, I will be done. That is not me."

He said he has not yet adjusted to "this notion of being a movie star."

"I'm an actor and I don't quite know how to handle this movie star thing," he said.

I guess that makes up for it. It's so out of character. Isn't it?

"Christian Bale Arrested for Allegedly Assaulting Mother, Sister; Actor Denies Allegation"

Oops! Maybe not?

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