Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Boats 'n Hoes

So here is what people are saying about our dear Anoopie. Of the six writers at, 4 are picking Anoop-dawg to advance tonight based on his likability. We hear every week about how much his outfits are nerdy or how he looks like an MIT student (a.k.a Indian), but apparently people do like him based on this post back in January by TMZ giving him props for his dressing ability. Most bloggers online are either blaming his back-up singers or saying that regardless, he'll be back. I've even read some people claiming him to have perfect pitch. You be the judge; here is him performing "Angel of Mine" with the Clef Hangers

And from last night (for video):

Overall, everybody seems to be in agreement that Anoop was good last night, but is definitely better and will be an upset in later rounds.

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