Saturday, January 31, 2009

UNC v. UNC-Raleigh: Studs and Duds

Well that was fun. We'll group them by quality of undergraduate degree for D-1 basketball coaches.
UNC Chapel Hill:
Tyler: Good turnaround. 31 points and his first block ever. Also, according to the announcers he had never hit a 3 before this season, which is impressive, since he totally has.

Ty: Best player on the court at any given time. It would be so much easier if he just beat his man to the hoop every possession instead of this passing nonsense. 16 points, 5 assists, but could work on those 4 turnovers.

DG: 14 pts in 22 minutes. Needs to learn there are other parts of the court that count for 3 than the far shoulder, especially if he's gonna jack up 8 treys a game. Still the only player on the court who seems to really care about the outcome.

Easy Ed: The truth.
University of Phoenix Online:
ACC Refs: Still terribly inconsistent. No comment on the end of the game, but bad calls the whole game for both sides.

Booby the Brick: 0 pts in 24 minutes. Is this serious? It is beyond comprehension that he gets 24 minutes to play mediocre defense and no offense and Big Time Bill sits on the bench all game. I guess its pretty hard to hit wide open threes, especially when you are holding a D-1 scholarship you received after being recruited as a 2 guard. Those things don't really go hand in hand, so its understandable.

Sidney Lowe: Nice blazer, douchebag.

Curse of 3:30 ABC games: 2-4 now, bitches.

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