Saturday, January 31, 2009

I'll Have a Samuel Jackson Please

In case you're new to this blog, we have a very simple m.o. It involves good looking girls, staying up really late, drinking Bud Light (shameless ad placement), and trying to compete with mainstream bloggers. That last statement might seem like an oxymoron, but who honestly agrees with the reporting methods of ESPN, SI, et al? Ed Werder and Chris Mortensen can make up stories and no one cares, but God forbid, Deadspin puts up pictures of Kurt Warner chugging a carton of milk and Buzz Bissinger blows a load trying to find of ways to attack Will Leitch.

Sports are meant to be a form entertainment. Once you lose that fundamental belief, as so many in the broadcasting profession have, then you come across as a self-serving, egotistical prick (see Keith Olberman). This will never happen occur on this page, mainly because we might be 12 year olds at heart and just have not become jaded by this whole process.

Wow! That was a long ass intro to my intended post. I guess you could say that the Australian Open has been very kind to us. Not only did it reveal Andy Roddick's anger over the chair umpire's lack of testicular fortitude, but it also enabled this blog to be linked on Deadspin and SI. Surely we have to keep this momentum going so we decided to watch tonight's match between Serena and Ms. Marat sister what's her name.

Anyway we finally got our reward at 4:15 in the morning when they showed these photos:

Not only does it look like Samuel L. Jackson joined Serena's entourage, but he apparently had to revert back to his character in "Resurrecting the Champ." We were unable to reach Josh Hartnett for comment because he was too busy screwing Vinnie Chase out of "Smoke Jumpers."

Here is a picture from "Resurrecting the Champ" as a reference.

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