Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Beeb Canadian Style

Here is a shout out to all my Canadian friends...

This beeb has appeared in the World Wrestling Entertainment Diva Search 2005, Deal or No Deal, Sleeper Cell, Las Vegas...

...Rules of Engagement, Attack of the Show!, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Entourage, Stacked, Desire, Wanted, Tonight Show with Jay Leno...and the list goes on.

Oh, Canada!

2 more Games

Idaho vs Bowling Green
I'll just say this. I know jack about either team. The game is in Boise Stadium and it will be snowing. I think the edge goes to Idaho (+1). As for the 68 pt o/u I think the weather will be too much of a factor for them to put up that many points. Go with the under.

Idaho 31-24

(impossible to find attractive Idaho people, so here is the next best thing)

Arizona vs Nebraska

This should be a hella good game. With a Nebraska who almost single handedly changed the BCS to a playoff system and an Arizona team who has beaten 5 bowl bound teams including the likes of USC and Oregon State. I love Suh out of Nebraska and more importantly depending how this years NFL draft pans out he could be on my beloved KC Chiefs. So with that said I would take the over (41) and Arizona (+3)

(much easier to find hot Arizona girls)

Nebraska 28-27

wake up video

forget about being hung like a horse...

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

1 thing we learned

dont ever trust my bowl predictions on a Tuesday night. I'll be better come tomorrow or the next day?

Garbage Disposal Shout Out

Do you like Cats?

(Worth the entire 4:23)

Bowl Previews

So today we have two bowl games. One that I am very excited about and one that well doesn't seem too interesting.

UCLA vs Temple
This is the first ever meeting between the two teams. UCLA is 3 games below .500 in their conference and stands at a 6-6 record with their best victory over 22 ranked Arizona. This Temple team is 9-3 and going bowling for the first time since 1979. I do not know much about either team, but watch out for Kai Forbath the Lou Groza Award winner. My advice would be take the under (45) and for the game to be put on the leg of Forbath take Temple (+4.5)

Prediction- Temple 20-17

Miami vs Wisconsin
This is going to be a 4 quarter highlight reel for Jacory Harris. The sophomore quarterback is 15th in the nation in passing yards and the Wisconsin passing D ranks 66th. At the start of the season every ESPN commentator was sucking his nuts and naming him the best player in college football, but then he came back to earth and actually has thrown for the most interceptions in NCAA this season. I still like the kid and see his skinny ass carry Miami to a win. My advice would be take the over (57) and just like FSU did last year expect Miami to cover (-4) by a large margin

Prediction 37-21

Wake Up Vid

good night vid.

yep here is to all the Kenny G fans, since I know there are a bunch out there

all Kenny's songs sound the exACt same, so i aplogize if you may have heard this one before.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Movie Review

He's Just Not that into You

Young women forever stuck at square one in the dating game...that should really be the name of the movie. This movie is midly entertaining with some insane characters who act foolishly and way over the top to get a guy. The movie is quite predictable, but overall I would recommend it to anyone. Great date movie. Thats about all I got. 2.6 stars out of 4.

oh and Scarlett Johansson is smoking hot in this movie.

Afternoon Video

Guess who got a computer?

Friday, November 27, 2009

Ok...its time we had a talk

This little blog of ours has take a hiatus for too long. I know you all still check this site, like you are right now just to see if anything has been updated. I'm here to tell you it is and will be. that we've had the talk and we're all on the same page (which means all of you bro's that haven't been posting get back on the bangbus)...let me post some food for thought.


I know, especially in our very liberal society we're all not longer taught abstinence but now safe sex and condoms are a necessity if you going to have sex, but are they really worth it? I say yes. and heres why:

1. she says shes on the pill. keyword...SAYS. I don't trust women. or my sperm. both are very sneaky.

2. We last longer. Sure, in porn the men go for 45:02 minutes and all rival horses in size, but its not a performance enhancing drug, just performance enhancing a helmet or a baseball glove.

3. You can change the color of your little guy...theres nothing funnier than seeing you're prized possession black/green/blue/purple (BUT NOT RED).

4. I lost my train of thought. happy thanksgiving.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Mud Digger B*tches

Thursday, October 29, 2009

4 not bad.

awesome 4s.

Fantastic Four?

Four Horsemen?

the movie Four Brothers?

Nope none of the above.

UNCs Preseason Rank: 4. not too shabby. So here is to Ginyard, LD2 and Will Graves???

And here is an oldie but goodie for you guys to enjoy

GaMe Day!

LINE is 15.5

that is embarrassing in itself.

tis why you should TAKE THE POINTS. I understand that VaTech is the defending ACC champs and UNC blows more games than (insert any pornstars name here) does cocks. But with that said I still have an inkling that Carolina is going to keep it close, and might even pull off a huge upset. We have four key players returning, 3 O linemen and big money TE Pianalto.There is no doubt in my mind Yates with either throw a pick or lose a fumble, but that is life. Go heels, go Mr. Wang, get drunk and enjoy the game.

Final Score: 30-27 Heels WIN.

hey dude!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

afternoon VVIIDD

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Who knows when the last Beeb appeared on the site, but I am in the mood for a good one. So in honor of Texas' thrashing of Missouri I give you Colt McCoy's girlfriend. Yep she is smoking hot, her name: Rachel Glandorf

no he is not banging all of them (or maybe he is) but the middle one is Rachel

yep she is hot

Im sorry there are not more pics of this chick, but this will have to do for now. enjoy.


Take Vikings +6, really undefeated and a six point dawgggg. that is wild. (and CP3 is on NFL Live right now, while "we gonna run this town tonight" plays, pretty dirty) and since we are on the 6 point dawg, Chargers only favored by 6, take the bolts -6 against KC. Rodgers is going to put up some numbers against the Browns, take the pack -9.5. Three picks instead of all the games, I hope you enjoyed them and here is a video to enjoy. (P.S thanks for hanging out this weekend Burgh)

Start them Sit them

Running Backs Edition

Start: Joseph Addai, Colts. Despite being overshadowed by Peyton Manning, and splitting carries with rookie Donald Brown, Addai has had a solid year – he’s on pace for about 1100 total yards and 13 touchdowns. He’s not seeing as many touches as he did in his best years as the Colts’ featured runner, but he’s making the most of the carries he gets, and he’s still getting a lot of work in the passing game. This week he has a great opportunity against the Rams. St. Louis has the league’s 26th ranked rushing defense (132.5 yards per game) and has allowed nine touchdowns on the year.

: Ryan Grant, Packers. Grant is pretty much the definition of an average fantasy back. He’s on pace for about 1100 yards rushing with 6 TDs, and another 40 catches and 300 yards receiving. Not bad, but he certainly hasn’t been anything to write home about (The Packers were even trying to upgrade before the trade deadline). This week, though, he gets the Browns, who not only have one of the league’s worst rush defenses, but have reportedly been ravaged by the flu. (One of the infected – pro-bowl defensive tackle Shaun Rogers).

Sit: Tim Hightower, Cardinals. Hightower has been a solid contributor, especially in PPR leagues, as he’s managed three touchdowns and 29 catches in Arizona’s five games. However, this week the Giants will be a tough matchup for Hightower and the Cardinals. The one positive, if you do need to start him, is that the Cardinals could easily fall behind early, allowing Hightower many opportunities to get involved in the passing game. He generally takes all the three-down work over his platoon-mate Chris Wells.

Sit: Glenn Coffee, 49ers. Coffee did a decent, if unspectacular job, filling in for injured Niners’ star runner Frank Gore. But it appears Gore is set to make his return this week, relegating Coffee to the bench, and to your fantasy bench as well.

Wake up Video


Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Game

Where is the Chase? and how do I cut to it?

UNC- 31
FSU- 30

Yep that is right folks I picked UNC to beat FSU today. So dont question where I stand and who I root for more. I choose them because I want them to win. Do I think they will win? I'm not quite sure. FSU is quicker than UNC. FSU has more big time play makers, but if UNC can pick apart FSU's secondary with Highsmith than UNC will dominate. As long as the D (which has played up to its potential this year) can hold off Ponder, Easterling, Fortson and the 3 position player Reid than UNC will win, with that said it boils down to can the CBs and DBs shut them down than that is the game. Good Talk and here are some hot pics of UNC and FSU fans

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Da Picks

Lions +11, doubt it, take the Steelers

Cowboys -8.5, that is a lock against the KC Cassels

Vikings D. Vikings O. Nuff said. take them -10.5

Raiders +15.5. Injured Giants D, plus Eli being Gay= a 30-16 game

Take Cardinals -5.5. Warner rebounds off 2 weeks rest

Take the PATs, i hate Brady, but bronocos not a legit team.

MNF Jets win! Jets win!

Friday, October 9, 2009

The Set List

Save tonight
Meet Virginia
Umbrella-> Weight -> Umbrella
Grey street
Say it aint so
Smack That
These Are Dreams
Chicken Fried

You and Me
Little black backpack
Buy You a Drank
Semi Charmed Life
Love in this Club
What I Got-> Sweet Home Alabama

Hey Ya
LA Saturday Night-> Party in the USA
No Boundaries
Slow Motion-> Wonderwall
Wagon Wheel
Poker Face
What I Hear
All For You
Son’s Gonna Rise
Ride Wit Me
Can’t You See-> Hey Jude

Yep the Mash-ups will be Glee-esque. I know you all are jealous.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Bird is the Word's Picks

I was watching Seinfeld the other night, and decided that I could blow Vincent's Picks out of the water. While I think The View from Below would love a Gene Pick, I will give people that enjoy something other than Weekend at Bernie's II a dose of Bird is the Word's picks.

My first pick is one of Paul Newman's first. It is a 1956 drama based on the life of boxer Rocky Graziano. Great movie and reason #2073 why Paul Newman is badass. If you look close you can see Steve McQueen in one of his first roles.

Pick Number two is a more current drama. From 2008 this stars Gwyneth Paltrow, Joaquin Phoenix and some girl that was in hocus pocus.

But the point is that this is a great movie, and the best I have seen in the past year. It is dark and has great performances. This was supposedly Joaquin Phoneix's last film. You might not remember this film because Phoenix looked like this whenever he was trying to promote the film on Letterman.

Okay now to the last pick.

This is a tv pick (assist from Garbage Disposal). This is a series on Starz. It has lots of good people, lots of cameos, very dry, pretty damn funny, very underrated.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

World Series

The fact that the playoffs have started before I even started to write this post, its time for a true prediction. The AL is quite easy, after all the dust settles there is only one team with the pitching and hitting that can win the AL. And in 2013 with the future AL CY Young winner, Greinke will be on their team.


The NL is a little different. For instance, the ROckies, way hot. The Phillies first btob winners since 75? The Dodgers, Manny-nation? and the NL winners the...


Cardinals in 6

Monday, October 5, 2009

4 Days

Until the Burgh gets paid to play. Talk about it.

Who: The Burgh
What: Big Time
When: This Friday 530-830
Where: DC (the saloun)

Bitches be there.

Wake up Video

A little late...

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Football Predictions

For the late games and for MNF:


Sanchez is fun to watch.

Bills- 20
Miami- 17

This prediction is for JD

Cowboys- 24
Broncos- 10

First loss, Orton throws 3 picks

49er's- 37
Rams- 17

The Rams suck

Steelers- 30
Chargers- 21

Both qbs throw for over 300 yards

Vikings- 33
Packers- 27

Overtime thriller. Lives up to the hype.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I am clearly bored.

And though my latest escapades may point otherwise...I like cougars (not to be confused with the new Courtney Cox-Arnette show=bad). So bored on my couch, I wanted to do some research on cougars. First, it was necessary to actually define a cougar and although Urbandictionary is always a funny source, wikipedia is typically more reliable. i have learned that there are different grades to cougar-ism:

Chickenhawk—an older gay man who sexually pursues younger males
Cougar—a woman over 40[9] who sexually pursues younger men, typically more than eight years her junior. (also Cradle robber or cradle snatcher)
Cub—the younger male who is supposedly going out with an older woman
Jailbait—a sexually attractive person (primarily female but could refer to a male) who is below the legal age of consent
Manther—the male version of a cougar (me?).
Puma—a woman in her thirties who dates a younger man (i.e. 20-somethings), often considered to be "cougars-in-training" (C.I.T.).
Silver fox—an attractive older male who is pursued by (generally much) younger women (you all can only call me Silver Fox from now on)
Sugar baby—the person provided for by a sugar daddy/mommy
Troll—a man, often a less-attractive older one, who cruises for sex. (my personal favorite)

even more hilarious is how the article describes a "half-your-age-plus-seven rule" to determine if the age-disparity is socially acceptable which "defines the minimum dating age as 14." (cough pauly walnuts cough)

anyways, if your into cougars like me and just cant get lucky, check out where you can specify the age of the cougar up to 99 yrs old: "This site is the premier cougar dating site for single guys looking to meet a rich older cougar who likes young guys and sex."

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Week 3 Super Bowl Prediction

AFC Championship Game

Colts vs Ravens

NFC Championship Game

Giants vs Packers

Super Bowl

Giants vs Colts (MANNING BOWL)

COLTS: 31-21

Song of the Week

Usher is in the official music video, but I could not embed it from Youtube. Enjoy!

Website of the week

I know this is old and mostly everybody knows about it...but I dont care. right now I'm shooting for quantity, not quality in my posts.

Reading the posts on this website is magical because I feel like they are written by our friends and they make me actually believe that females do really like penis. here are a couple of clutch posts...

(518): i was watching some porn this morning and i realized i am blessed with a truly beautiful vagina

(858): Straightened my pubes. My dick looks like John Lennon fucked Gonzo.

(317): You're the only chick there. That's not an orgy, that's called a gang bang...

Adult Film Idea

I came up with this idea a while ago, but its time to publish it so it doesn't get stolen.
This is genius-Nora the Explora

am i the only one creeped out by this? This picture is way more believable...

This is a unique film because it is based on a true story of a young girl who travels to a foreign country only to find herself on a magical quest. This quest, much like the boardgame Risk,
requires global domination of the cock and she must sleep with a man of every nationality. Good luck to you on your expedicktion!

welcome back bobbie's porch-we've missed you

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Hot Tennis

On the Court tonight...


Who will win? It's close, but the winner goes to...


Tuesday, September 8, 2009


With the assist to Garbage I present to you the greatest doubles match (date) ever?

2 Pros 1 Bro

Monday, September 7, 2009

Burgh's favorite number is...


PITTSBURGH(AP) The Pittsburgh Pirates ' not-so-magic number is zero, or the number of winning teams they've had during a record-setting run of futility over 17 forgettable seasons.

The Chicago Cubs assured the Pirates of an unwanted place in baseball's record book, getting two homers from Derrek Lee and an effective start from Ted Lilly while beating the last-place Pirates 4-2 on Monday.

By losing their 10th in 11 games, the Pirates are guaranteed of finishing below .500, just as they have every season since 1993. The 17 consecutive losing seasons represent the longest streak for any team in the four major North American pro team sports, and only the Phillies (1933-48) have also had as many as 16 in a row.

CONGRATS at least they set some type of record...

Friday, September 4, 2009

Movie Recommendation of the week

This is what a classic movie is all about. Some people might completely write it off because it is black and white and because sadly Michael Bay did not direct it:

But there is good news, there are good movies outside of Michael Bay. This movie has amazing performances all around and is one of the many reasons why Paul Newman is badass. Many people consider it one of the best sport movies of all time. Everybody that disagrees, thinks this way because they don't think pool is a sport.

Watch it, and if you don't like it, then you should probably rent this movie instead:

Actually, on second thought, I might go watch that movie as well.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

All Nude

Where the hell is everyone? Garbage Disposal come back to humanity please. In the meantime, here is something funny.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Video Wake Up

In honor of the Bearded One's roommate.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Garbage Disposal Just Came

He likes cats, and i think boobs too.

This stings

I like college baseball.

Google is Funny

This might have to be a weekly feature.

Vick's Facebook


Click to enlarge.

Friday, August 21, 2009

wake up shake up

Video Gamers are fat, old, and depressed

WOW who saw this coming?

We'll Never Tell

CNN has an article today about a blogger, PittGirl, who outed herself and was subsequently fired from her job. We here at Bob's Porch want to let you know that we'll never tell you who we are, never!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Chillin, on the back roads?

Saw this video. Yeah

Reminds me if Duce-y and lil wayne did something together?

Video Wake Up??

Get excited for an excellent soccer season!

p.s ESPN showing two soccer matches a week, count it.


The Royals suck

The Yankees are good

Braves, Os and Pirates somewhere in the middle.

Sounds like the same ole year in baseball to me.

Does This Guy?

look like someone who would rape a 22 year old girl on a private island, which only is accessible by private boat...


and for those of you should aren't quite sure who the picture is of, that would be magician David Cooperfield.

The magician raped the 22-year-old victim, sexually assaulted her on two other occasions and threatened to kill her, court papers filed in Washington state claim.

"The woman says her nightmare unfolded two summers ago, when the 52-year-old performer invited her to his $50 million private retreat on Musha Cay after meeting her at a show in Washington state...After the two dined, they went to the magician's room to watch a movie..."

Diner- check
Movie- check
Raping a girl 31 years younger than me???? Eessh

Monday, August 17, 2009

Worst Golf Year Ever

This turned from the best golf year ever to the worst very quickly

This is who should of won all the majors.

This is who actually won the majors.